Finding Beauty in the Midst of Fresno

What Inspires You?

Inspiration was the topic of a panel discussion I was in last week with +Kelly DeLay, +Lotus Carroll, +Amy Heiden and +Brian Matiash. We talked about where inspiration comes from, how to find it, how to get out of ruts, and even the hot topic of gauging our success/failure on the amount of +1′s and comments we get. Good stuff! Be sure to watch!

Finding Beauty in the Midst of Fresno

When I look at this image, I think of the California coast. I imagine that just beneath those palm trees there is a beach, and just beyond that beach is the pacific ocean with waves crashing against the sandy shoreline every few seconds. Those are the things I think about, even though I took the picture and I know the truth: I was standing right outside my car at an In-N-Out parking lot on the outskirts of Fresno. The palm trees are actually inside the parking lot! I can say with confidence that Fresno is probably my least favorite part of California and when I land there, I usually get out as soon as possible. It’s a flat valley, it’s usually just as hot as Texas, I don’t ever feel safe there and it smells funny. Yet in the midst of all that, I was able to find this – inspiration.

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