First Go At Sports Photography

I finally got a chance to photograph a Dallas Stars game last night. I was obsessed with hockey back when I was a kid and this was a great reminder why. What a rush! Kneeling down and sticking your lens through a tiny little hole in the glass while pucks fly by you and players crash all around is pretty intense. Hope to do it again soon!This is #17 Rich Peverly taking the puck during the overtime shootout that seemed to go on forever! The Blackhawks won in the end which was a bummer but it was still so awesome.

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  1. Leroy Javois

    You certainly are talented +James Brandon This is a sweet capture. I'm not much of a hockey fan, but I did see a live Stars game, back in 99. I was in Dallas on a business trip, and we went to the game after meetings and dinner. It was exciting, and the Stars won. Guess I bought them luck, from up here in NY. Stay well. PS- took advantage of your doorbusters deal, and picked up a copy of your 10 mistakes…. Can't wait to dig in, and most of all, learn a thing or two.

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