Fall In The Ozarks. Petit Jean State Park

Well, we are pretty much snowed/iced in here in North Texas. It’s going to be a day full of coffee, hot chocolate, soup and spending time with the family. I figured I’d post one of my fall color shots to take me back to the days of better weather and beautiful colors :-)

Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas was the last place we visited on our fall colors trip into the Ozarks and it was by far the most beautiful place we saw on the whole trip. The colors were just unreal and the scenery was equally breathtaking. I waded out into the water and had to perform a little tripod yoga to get this shot, but man was it worth it.

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  1. Betty A

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I'll look it up on G Maps for future reference. Have a wonderfully warm day. I may go out in the Dallas sleet with camera.

  2. Steve Coyle

    Just saw your interview with Darlene, James. I was surprised when I saw you show this image. I took one of the same scene about a month earlier. I have to say yours is much better with the changing leaves. Everything was still very green when we were there and not ideal for dramatic captures like this one.

  3. James Brandon

    +Betty A I'll have the exact GPS coordinates up very soon on a new site I'm working on. Keep your eyes out for that ;-)

    +Patrick Comtois I'm sure it is! This was taken about a month ago. 

    +Steve Coyle Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed that interview! I would love to see Petit Jean in the spring time. I bet it's beautiful!

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