Sunset Reflection. Dallas, TX

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Sunset Reflection. Dallas, TX

A few nights ago I headed into Dallas (a fairly rare event these days) with my buddy +Mike Mezeul to get some skyline shots at sunset. Our plan didn’t really pan out though, so we opted for a 6-story parking garage overlooking downtown instead. Looking away from the sunset we spotted the Wells Fargo building, which (ironically enough) was beautifully reflecting the famous green lights from the Bank of America building. Add to that the beautiful reflection of the sunset and the traffic at the four way intersection, and I think we found a pretty killer location in Dallas.


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  1. James Brandon

    Thanks everyone! A person over on Facebook asked if this was a single exposure. Yes, the imagine as a whole is from one exposure, meaning it wasn't tone mapped or anything like that. I did however take several different shots to capture as many car trails as possible, and then blended the car trails from those 4 or 5 shots into this one image.

  2. Dave Wilson

    I’m delighted to find out that I’m not the only one who has trouble finding the perfect Dallas skyline shooting location! Looks like you did pretty well with Plan B too, though.

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